Local Issues

Community Focused, Innovative, & Accessible 
Improve Neighborhood Roads 

In the city's own words "An alarming high percentage of the City’s streets are in need of resurfacing and unfortunately several have reached the point of requiring total reconstruction. Some sections of the City have not been resurfaced in the past twenty years or longer and require a substantial amount of work".

We approved a half cent sales tax to help to address this issue. I will work to make sure road projects are being funded and moving forward on schedule.

Improve the Gateways to Our City

Orange Avenue, Okeechobee Road. Virginia Avenue, and Delaware Ave these are the main East-West Gateways into our city. These roadways are in need of a serious facelift. If elected I will work with our community and local, regional, and state agencies on developing a plan and securing funding to give these gateways the facelift that we deserve.

Millage Rate
If elected, I will diligently work to lower our millage rate as property values increase. My focus will be to approve projects and policies that promote improvements in the community and enhance the quality of life for our residents. 
I have 10 years of combined experience as a government budget advisory committeeman and as a project manager in charge of multi-million-dollar budgets. I will be fully involved during the budget process and will protect your tax dollars by eliminating unnecessary spending in the budget year-round.
Move The Wastewater Plant
I am interested in moving the wastewater plant off of the island. I am open to all of the options available, including but not limited to contracting with a private entity or working in coordination with the county on a shared new wastewater plant.
Remove Surplus City Owned Properties 
The cliché is “the city should not be in the real-estate business”.
I agree with this statement. There are currently over 100 surplus properties that are owned by the city. These properties are not paying property taxes. I believe we need to get these properties back on the tax rolls as soon as possible.
The city should also consider utilizing some of these properties for pocket parks, storm water treatment areas, and other amenities that are eligible for grant funding and can help increase the quality of life in our communities.  You can view all city owned properties
at this link.
Promote Infill Development 
Infill development is the process of developing or redeveloping vacant or under-developed parcels within areas that are already developed. I believe we need to incentivize infill development in the City of Fort Pierce, especially within our urban core. 
Impact Fee Moratorium

I support the extension of the current impact fee moratorium in the CRA. I would like to work with St Lucie County on expanding this moratorium to include county impact fees. An impact fee moratorium is one of many powerful tools the city has to promote infill development and redevelopment within our city’s urban core. 

Stance on Paid Public Parking

In general, I am opposed to paid public parking for city residents. The City of Fort Pierce is looking into utilizing paid parking in our downtown based on recommendations from the Walker Parking Study. The idea is that parking fees will be leveraged to help fund a new parking structure and solve the parking issues in our downtown area. I have several concerns with this plan. Firstly, at this time we do not know how much the new parking meters will cost, nor do we know how much the enforcement agency will charge. We do not know how long it will take to get a return on our investment to start paying for parking improvements. This information does not exist at this time; however, it will in the coming months. As this information comes before the city commission, I will be participating in public comment to make sure these questions are answered.

$5 Million Fisherman's Wharf Revenue

The city is set to receive $5 Million from the sale of the Fisherman's Wharf property for the Pierce 1 Marina project. I believe this money should be put in a trust fund so it can only be used to fund parking projects downtown.  

Parking Space Counters for Existing Garage

According to feedback from key stakeholders in the Walker parking study, the “City garage always has enough space, we just need to make it more user friendly”. I would like to see the city invest in a Disney Springs / University style parking space counter system for the parking garage. Each parking space in the garage would be monitored electronically, and signs outside of the garage would report how many open spaces are available in real time. These signs can also be placed with directional arrows on 2nd street and other locations to inform drivers about parking availability inside of the garage.​

Reconfigure Parking at Marina Square

We need to reconfigure the parking lot at Marina Square. According to the Walker Parking Study, there are currently 143 parking spaces available in the parking lot located at 100 N. Indian River Drive aka Marina Square. This parking lot can be reconfigured to allow for up to 82 additional parking spaces. That is a 57% increase in the number of parking spaces. This reconfiguration would need to be accomplished in coordination with key stakeholders including the Fort Pierce Farmers Market.

Public-Private-Partnership for a New Garage

As the $85 Million Kings Landing Hotel Project advances the city needs to strongly consider entering into a public private partnership and or identify a city owned parcel to develop a new parking structure that will add additional parking for Downtown, Kings Landing, Edgartown, and future development in the area.

Comprehensive Salary & Job Study

The purpose of the study would be to analyze the City’s current pay, job classification, and retirement system compared to the current market of similar municipalities and make recommendations to ensure the City is competitive in regards to its ability to recruit and retain a diverse and qualified workforce.

St. Lucie County Concerned Citizens

I support working to increase public involvement in the public policy process. In 2020 at the beginning of the covid-19 crisis, I created the Facebook Group St Lucie County Concerned Citizens. My goal for this group is to get more people involved before final decisions are made.  

We currently have over 2,200 concerned citizens in the group. I post in this group often, and I do not hide where I stand on the issues. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to post a question to the group. I will gladly publicly respond to your question. You can also email me your question at JamesClasby@Gmail.com and I can respond privately.